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New Codebug Kickstarter

Post by pigraham »

Anyone still on this forum? ... t-wearable

Not sure that's the best developmentbut its what they promised.
CodeBug Connect still retains the cute loveable CodeBug shape, but other than that, has been completely redesigned; offering more possibilities and more excitement for all levels of experience and ability. Some of the new features include:

WiFi for IoT connectivity (think remote notifications, data logging and remote control)
5x5 full colour LEDs
onboard wearable webserver
2 mini joysticks
We've listened to feedback:

CodeBug Connect offers something for everyone, it's still just as easy for beginners to use, but it's now got much more to offer established, or even expert makers and engineers -- easy IoT connectivity, and enough compute power and storage to run TensorFlow Lite machine learning models. Great for Edge computing.

Another popular request was for offline programming -- CodeBug Connect can serve it's own webpages Which means it's easy for you to edit, run and debug Python code wherever you are (even without Internet connection).
We’ve refactored Micropython to make it highly efficient and automatically sleep when required. For instance, our Pyiotos™ OS automatically handles switching to the best network, handling lost connections and reconnecting to WiFi so you can just focus on what you want to build.

Can be reprogrammed in C or C++ and can use Arduino libraries and toolchain.
I wonder what battery life this thing can manage without sweating blood.

Arduino libraries sounds good.
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Re: New Codebug Kickstarter

Post by mikerr »

Great to see it supports python now, and a lot of sensors also being launched alongside it.

I've backed it for December delivery.
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