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software support for PIC18

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:19 pm
by vkomenda
I'd like to contribute new Blockly functionality to support the hardware features below. Would that be possible?

CodeBug is a cute project. So I thought when I knew that you use a PIC18 on the board. PIC18 is known for its features not usually found in an 8-bit micro.

Sadly, CodeBug uses none of those:

- analog input
- analog output
- comparator
- timers

There is no way to use I2C, SPI or UART from the Blockly UI. In fact, to use any of the above features, it is easier to erase the CodeBug firmware and simply program it from MPlabX IDE. That would render the board useless to kids though.

Imagine, a simple AT command interface to a low-power radio over UART on the CodeBug tail connector. CodeBugs could talk to each other over a kilometer distance. That would be a hit!

It would be simple to interface with a UART module like this HM-TRLR-S: ... glish_.pdf