Internet Explorer not saving projects

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BMS Doug
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Internet Explorer not saving projects

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From the Kickstarter comments.
Graham wrote: I have my bugs and like them so far. Is there an official support forum? Is there a way to define new blocks?
My problem at the moment is that create page will not save my projects. I can download, but only as unsaved-project. Any ideas? I tried reloading the page, logging out an in again. No joy so far. I was able to save my first two projects but none since.
Graham wrote: Create page fails on Windows 10 Edge browser. Can't save the project.
OK in Firefox on the same PC.
I had the same problem with Internet Explorer 11 back in July, I found that Chrome works where IE11 wouldn't.

I raised a bug report with Codebug team at the time.
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Re: Internet Explorer not saving projects

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Yes, Chrome works, IE/Edge do not.
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